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Issue and Legislative Brief


Issue and Legislative Brief
For Plan Administrators, Participants, and Third Party Service Providers
Volume 6; Number 2 ~ March 12, 2012
Researchers/Authors: J. D. Stinson; Douglas T. Hawkins, J.D, CFP® 
Copyright © All Rights Reserved 2012 - K Plan Retirement Advisors Corporation

Caution – Regarding the use of this Notice – Caution
This notice is NOT intended as specific advice for plan participants, service providers, or plan fiduciaries. It is general in nature and is a brief review of an important issue or pension law change that may directly affect a retirement benefit plan for which you have a trustee’s duty, or a third party service relationship, or in which you have a beneficial interest. Additional questions pertaining to your particular plan and its relationship to the outlined issue or change in pension law may be directed to our Research Department. This Notice is not a solicitation for the sale of any service, financial product, investment, or security.
Recent Federal Appeals Court Ruling
Plan Administrators and Trustees Have the Full Responsibility for Selecting
“Prudent Investment Selections”
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Promethazine dm syrup cost between 20 cents and $1 per syringe. That same dose, once dissolved in distilled water, produced a similar therapeutic range as penicillin but for a tenth of its retail price. "For people who need this type of medication, the cost is so low, and the cost of alternative methods is so high," says Dr. Paul Marik, director of the University Maryland Center for HIV Medicine, co-author of the study. "A lot people will use the new regimen because it is the least invasive." That's because in an effort to minimize side effects, patients must only take the drug once they're actually sick. "It's like getting an anti-malarial," Marik says. "If they had to take it every day, it's really worse." The new regimen targets both early and late stages of HIV infection, and it also appears to do a better job of reaching those hardest to treat. In the late stages, HIV patients must take an antiretroviral called AZT, which can cause side effects and lead to drug resistance. Those symptoms tend to crop up when patients are already very sick. "You have a lot of people taking this medication, so if you're already on it, it will take over your body," Marik says. By the end of year, U.S. Food and Drug Administration is expected to allow generic copies of the new regimen approved in Europe to be imported into the U.S. That should help cut down the number of patients who have to take the expensive medication twice a day. It's unclear whether the new regimen will work Over the counter diflucan in canada as well with more advanced HIV infections, which require regular blood tests that can detect HIV infection. Marik has been testing the regimen with one group of patients, but is waiting for results before deciding how to launch the trial in other patients. The first part of this blog post is devoted to a quick introduction the concept of dependency and its place in Java JVM languages. The second part will focus on how to deal with this concept from the perspective of web development. What is Dependency? Before I start explaining how to use dependencies as part of our web application, I would like to give an introduction dependency injection. In my earlier article on Dependency Injection (DI) in Java 9, I introduced dependency injection. DI is a technique for the object to inform DI provider, like in Spring, when an object of the same type should be injected. The object informs DI provider that it requires an instance of that kind object and it should provide such an instance. The DI provider injects such an object into that class and the object can be instantiated any time. Dependencies provided by DI providers are defined in a map that is stored in the constructor of class a that is instantiated by dependent constructor. DI providers can create subclasses of their classes that instantiate instances using specific dependencies or the entire dependency graph. This allows you to create a new instance of class with a specific implementation that you might need. In this application, we will use DI for a simple task: instantiating certain type of class when an object that type is requested from the web browser. The main idea to instantiate an object is check the dependency graph generated by a injection provider. We will then instantiate an object using the given dependency, for required class and the expected implementation.

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