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About Us

Jerry Stinson is Chairman of K Plan Retirement Advisors and Founder/CEO of Safe Money Strategies, Inc. Stinson graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a concentration in Economics with further graduate studies at Southwest Texas State University and the American College in Bryn Mawr, PA. His financial services experience includes broker, agency manager and owner. Jerry is a State/Federal Court qualified expert witness on insurance & qualified plan design.

Glenn Lester is President of K Plan Annuity Advisors & President of K Plan Retirement Advisors. Glenn holds a Bachelors’ degree in Economics from West Texas A&M University. Glenn entered the financial services profession in 1975. His industry experience includes personal producer, agency co-director and executive officer of retirement planning firms that offer saving/investment options for 401(k) pension plans.

Douglas T. Hawkins is Executive Vice President for Legal and Investment Counsel for K Plan Retirement Advisors Group of Companies. Mr. Hawkins earned his Bachelor's Degree from East Centeral University in Oklahoma and his Juris Doctorate from Salmon P. Chase School of Law of Northern Kentucky University. Doug's experience in the financial services profession covers a wide range. He has earned the Certified Financial Planner [CFP(R)] professional designation, he holds the SEC Series 65 license (investment advisor), and has worked in the property and casualty, and the life and health fields as a field representative and manager. His most recent and current area of concentration and professional expertise is retirement and pension planning. In particular,his office of Legal and Investment Counsel for K Plan Advisors Group of Companies involves research, preparation and review of Written Reports to 401(k) plan sponsors and consulation with field advisors in their work with the technicalities associated with modernizing retirement plans.

Anna C. Berend, consulting legal counsel, is a graduate of Midwestern State University and holds an earned Juris Doctorate from the University Of Oklahoma School Of Law. Her professional experience includes legal work in Iowa and Minnesota state courts. Berend is currently an independent consultant and national editor for the largest legal publishing company in America. Anna’s recent concentration has been in consumer protection area and education for working families and parents. She has served as a legal expert panelist for a national symposium sponsored by Consumers Union (Consumer Reports).


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