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If you take seriously your duties to offer a sound and suitable 401(k) Plan for the ultimate benefit of your employees and their beneficiaries, then you can benefit by requesting the booklet "How To Modernize Your Company's 401-K Plan." Most 401(k) Plans have serious shortcomings: all investment options have market risk; fees and expenses are high; professional investment advice is non-existence; there is no guaranteed lifetime income; most employees, and many employers, do not understand their rights. Far too many employers keep doing what they’ve always done but hoping for different results. The booklet is a “call to action” to preserve and protect the retirement benefits of your employees.

In the final analysis, most K Plans in America are all the same. However, as with other areas in American business, creative thinkers come to the fore and present solutions that lead to better results. The booklet is the product of such thinking and will reveal to you answers to the most troubling problems with 401(k) plans. You have the opportunity to make changes that will benefit you and your employees. Our business is 401(k) Plans and we are here to help you make prudent and suitable changes that will yield significant benefits.

To request the booklet "How To Modernize Your Company's 401-K Plan" and the DVD "401(k) Recession" please
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The ConceptWhat is a "Fixed Indexed Annuity"It's an Investment OptionPlan Sponsor InformationIssue and Legislative BriefAbout Us