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What’s Wrong with Retirement Planning in America Today?

If you listen to ordinary working Americans, as our firm does on a daily basis, it’s clear that there is plenty wrong with the 401(k) Plan Establishment. The fundamental problems with most old fashion 401(k) plans are simple to identify:

• The outcome is uncertain – how much will I have to live on when I retire

• The expenses and fees take a huge bite out of the ultimate amount retirees will have to live on – up to ONE HALF of the market gains over time are paid to “experts” managing a 401(k) plan

• There are too many hoops the plan participants have to jump through – you’re supposed to be an expert portfolio manager in order to keep your accounts from losing money when the market melts down

• There is no such thing as “in-person, one-on-one, high touch” service to participants who have to navigate a complicated system and get everything right to make sure some mistake won’t doom their retirement years

The short video program you’re about to view was produced and aired by the long-running CBS 60 Minutes TV program staff. It is the briefest and clearest presentation we know of that shows – in broad, but also in individual, personal terms – just how bad the 401(k) Plan Establishment has become. And, you’ll see how this Establishment fails to serve the basic retirement planning needs of almost all working Americans who are hoping for a secure, worry-free, and safe retirement. There is even a segment with a lobbyist for the 401(k) Establishment in which he admits that most retirees shouldn’t count on having income for as long as they live from their current 401(k) plan.

View this short piece from 60 Minutes and see for yourself just how confusing, unreliable, and expensive most retirement plans are now. We’re betting your plan is just like all the rest. If you’d like to have understandable and competent information about how you can simplify and modernize your company’s 401(k) then please send us an email from this website and we’ll respond promptly and help you see how your old fashion plan can be updated to meet the needs of your employees. There is no obligation whatsoever on your part for this information. We promise you’ll be enlightened, and you’ll probably be surprised just how easy it is to modernize your 401(k) so that it makes sense to your employees and provides guaranteed outcomes for their years in retirement.

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